Gulfstream G200: The world’s first super midsize jet

The Gulfstream G200 offers the range and comfort of a large cabin jet – for a midsize cabin price. It also has a cruise speed of 540 mph, making it ideal for nonstop transcontinental travel. One of the first things you’ll notice about the Gulfstream G200 is how spacious it is. It can seat nine passengers comfortably and has 6’3” of stand-up headroom, which exceeds all other aircraft in its category. And it has the largest baggage capacity in its class.

Maximum Range – Long Range:
2 passengers – 3,835sm/6,172km
4 passengers – 3,674sm/5,913km
9 passengers – 3,283sm/5,284km

Maximum Range – High Speed:
2 passengers – 3,200sm/5,150km
4 passengers – 3,061sm/4,926km
9 passengers – 2,726sm/4,386km

Cruise Speed:
High-speed: 540mph/869kph
Long-range: 495mph/797kph
Cabin Dimensions:
Passenger Capacity: 9
Interior seating length: 22.00ft
Overall cabin length: 24.50ft
Cabin height: 6.3ft
Cabin width: 7.20ft

Baggage Capacity: 150cu.ft
Baggage compartment can
accommodate 6-8 standard golf
bags or 6 pairs of 190cm skis
with restrictions on other baggage.
Advanced Safety Equipment:
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II)

Cabin Amenities:
Power outlets
Video monitors
Airshow system
Audio/visual DVD
Cabin speakers
Full refreshment center
Fully enclosed aft lavatory