Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you own, operate, or manage the aircraft I will be flying on?

GCLC is a re-seller and the first of its kind. We offer our clients access to the largest and most exclusive private fleet of aircraft in the world. Once you secure a trip with us, you will then soon be in direct contact with the operators’ Flight Planning Department to ensure swift communication and best-in-industry customer service.

2. What level of liability insurance is maintained on the aircraft I will be flying on?

All light and midsize aircraft have an industry leading $300 Million in liability insurance, while large cabin Gulfstream aircraft maintains $400,000,000 of liability insurance. Once the trip has been secured, if there is an incident of any type, at any time, you are encouraged to communicate with the operators Flight Planning Department directly who you will already have been in contact with.

3. Can you guarantee aircraft availability and in how many hours from making my reservation?

Within the continental United States (also including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and the Caribbean), we can guarantee an aircraft can be ready and waiting for you with a maximum of 10 hours’.

4. If unscheduled maintenance is required, will a replacement aircraft be guaranteed and will that aircraft be of the same type and quality as the original aircraft booked?

The fleet we have exclusive access to has the best recovery capabilities in the industry and are all maintained to the highest standards. In the event a replacement aircraft is needed, we guarantee an equal or larger size aircraft.

5. How old on average are the aircraft I’ll be flying on?

This is the youngest fleet in the industry, with an average age of six or seven years. By comparison to the charter market, the average charter aircraft is approximately 15 years old.

6. Can I specify the aircraft I want to fly on by aircraft type?

Our program and online booking platform offers three size categories, light, mid and heavy. Our light is a Citation Excel, our mid is a Citation X and our heavy is a Gulfstream 450. Please see our Fleet for more details on particular aircraft.

7. Is there ample seating, headroom, and baggage space on my aircraft?

We know these aircraft very well and based on your needs will be sure to offer aircraft that provides you and your party with ample space while accommodating your luggage and/or equipment without it getting in the way. It’s important you provide us with information as soon as possible should you be traveling with oversize luggage, ski equipment or anything you may think a commercial airline would charge you extra for. Please refer to the light, mid and heavy aircraft sections to view specific cabin layouts and accommodations.

8. Who maintains the aircraft? Is the maintenance conducted by factory-authorized service centers or not?

All aircraft are maintained by the owner/operator and professionals who know them best: the original equipment manufacturers and their authorized support facilities. A team of over 200 federally-licensed maintenance technicians works with aircraft manufacturers as well as engine and avionics providers to develop leading-edge processes that exceed industry standards.

9. How much experience do the pilots flying me on this particular aircraft have? In this aircraft type? In general? By whom are the pilots employed? What’s the total time of the pilots and do they fly multiple types of aircraft or just one?

This fleet employs over 3,200 pilots all of whom average more than 7,500 hours. Every flight has two captain-qualified pilots and they fly only one type aircraft, all having universally-identical cockpits.

10. Will I be billed for hours I’m not actually flying, such as daily hourly minimums, taxi time, and ferrying, cancellation, and late fees? Will there be any additional charges?

Our pricing is inclusive of all hourly charges, fees and taxes associated with the trip. Our pricing is predictable because of the guaranteed availability which enables us to offer fixed pricing. Our clients are subject to just 1 hour minimums per day plus 6 minute taxi time on each departure and arrival compared to 2 hour minimums in the charter industry. There are no ferrying costs as this is a floating fleet. The cancellation terms are by far the most flexible in the industry, whereas there is no cancellation fee assessed outside 24 hours prior to a Domestic trip and outside 48 hours prior to an International trip.

11. Are catering, telephone, fax, and other in-flight services included? Is there Wi-Fi on board?

VIP Catering is complementary on Light and Midsize aircraft and a $100 credit is applied to the Heavy Jet on any orders placed. VIP Catering consists of Chef’s selection of the freshest ingredients based on time of day and geographical region. Wi-Fi is standard and free-of-charge on all Mid and Heavy aircraft, the Light Jets will all have Wi-Fi installed by 2014. Telephone, fax and other in-flight services are also included at no additional charge.